We have data recovery solutions for Individuals and Business, both.

We provide data recovery services for Windows, UNIX, Linux, Novell, Macintosh Operating Systems.

Our data recovery experts recover your lost data from any storage device, Email, CD-DVD, Digital Media, Laptop, Pen Drive, etc.

1. Laptop/ Desktop Data Recovery By TFA Infotech.
Recover deleted, corrupted, damaged, and lost data from any desktop or portable hard drive.

If your laptop or desktop is not working, or you are not able to access your important data; in such cases, you need professional help to recover your relevant data.

Irrespective of the data loss reason that you encounter in laptop or desktop, we provide fast, secure, and reliable data recovery solutions for all computers.

2. SD Card Data Recovery By TFA Infotech.
Data Recovery from all type of – SD card, CF Card, SDHC Card, Hard Drive, SDXC card .

Get back your deleted photos, videos from SD cards. Recover your lost photos, videos captured via DSLR, MILC, smartphone, compact digital camera, etc. We recover data from all branded SD cards. (Kingston, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, etc.).

We are expert in recovering data from memory cards, CF cards. Following are the most common reasons for data loss from SD cards:

The hardware failure
SD card formatting
Due to accidental deletion of data
Due to physical damage to the card
We perform data recovery from SD cards used in smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, etc. This makes TFA Infotech the most preferred company for data recovery from SD cards .

3. Pen Drive Data Recovery
Recover formatted, deleted, lost, corrupted and hidden pen drive data.

We provide pen drive data recovery services to recover your valuable files from Monolithic USB pen drives and Traditional NAND USB flash drive.

Recovering files from Monolithic pen drive is an intricate task that requires in-depth domain knowledge and skill sets; therefore, it is essential to seek professional pen drive recovery services for efficient and successful recovery. We can recover your files from all the loss situations:

Accidental deletion
Unintentional formatting of pen drive
Physically damaged pen drives
The virus affected pen drives
Corrupted RAW file system
Count on TFA Infotech reliable portable USB pen drive recovery services for retrieving your missing documents, damaged photos, precious memories, movies, video files, corrupted data and music files from pen drives.

4. iPad Data Recovery
Recover deleted files, photos, videos from iPad and other iOS Devices.

Apple iPad is a multipurpose device that caters to the needs of both individual and vertical market. iPad data loss can ensue from many reasons as mentioned below:

Liquid Spillover
Hardware or Software crash
App Incompatibility
Failed iOS Upgrade
Incomplete Data Transfer
Virus Invasion
When you connect your iPad to your computer, iTunes automatically takes back up of your iPad as a part of the data synchronizing process.

Losing data on your iPad is an unnerving process. Opting for specialized iPad data recovery services can make all your lost photos, videos, movies, and notes come alive again.

TFA Infotech iPad data recovery services keep you on a safer side by following a simple and cost – effective approach to recover iPad data.

5. MAC Data Recovery
Recover your accidentally deleted, formatted and lost data from Mac OS X, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and all other Mac computers.

You can recover Lost and Deleted Data from MacBook and Mac OS X & Mac OS devices using TFA Infotech data recovery solutions.

We specialize in Recovering Data from:

Lost data from Mac hardware failure
Lost data because of hard drive reformatting
Mac OS X volume errors
Mac OS X Operating system failure
External Mac hard drive
Graphics file recovery
All kind of data including Photos, Address book, Movies, Music, and Database files, etc.

6. USB Drive Recovery
We recover up to 100% data from damaged Portable/Removable Storage devices.

Data loss/difficult problems are relatively common in case of the removable devices. There can be various reasons that may turn the data inaccessible. Sometimes the computer can’t access any information/data from these portable storage devices, because it may be corrupted due to an improper plug-in or plug-out. Other errors like physical corruption, human errors, virus attack, logical corruption, etc. can lead to unexpected data loss.

Some of the common reasons behind data loss from External storage devices are:

Pulling out of the Media without Shutting it Off.
Damage to the Media by Heat or any Liquid.
Physical Damage due to Mishandling.
Virus or Malware Attack.
Scratches on CD/ DVD.
Damage Due to Electrical Surge etc.
Accidental Deletion of a File or Program.
Misplacement of CDs or Memory Sticks.
Natural Disaster, Earthquake, Flood, etc.
In case you have lost your data from your removable/external storage device because of the reasons mentioned above, and you don’t have any back up for essential data like photographs, files, and primary documents, etc., TFA Infotech is with you. The data is still recoverable, with the help of professional data recovery service providers. Our data recovery experts have extensive knowledge and ability to recover all your relevant data from any situation and any devices.

7. SSD Data Recovery

Complete SSD Data Recovery Service from Crashed or Failed SSD Drive.

SSDs usually show any signs and symptoms of damage. The electronic components do not send out any or ticking sound, which is generally taken as a warning to the user about the impending failure of the disk. When the SSD stops working or responding, it is a signal that that disk might have failed, this may result in data loss.

Here are a few points that make SSD data recovery challenging:

Address line complexity
The density of Memory chip
Error correction code variables
Encryption and Encoding variations
Therefore, it is always better to contact a company offering data recovery services. TFA Infotech Data Recovery is one of the leading companies, having an experience of over 15 years, gives SDD recovery service. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals for SSD data recovery.

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