Computer Repair Services By TFA Infotech.

The computer is one of the greatest inventions that has laid the foundation for today’s technology and modern lifestyle. The computers have come a long way from being large systems made of various modules to transforming into a small system reaching everyone’s home. But like every other machine, it runs into problems and needs regular maintenance.
For a PC user, having a computer that keeps malfunctioning or running into problems can be a great hindrance to the work. If you have been facing technical issues like blinking screen, crashing system, frustrating popups or any other sorts of desktop related problem – reach out to the experienced team at Login At Repair. We offer a reliable and quick PC repair service at a new price. You get the assistance of highly skilled professionals who are well versed with computers and can diagnose the problems in no time.

Computer Hardware Repair By TFA Infotech

If your CPU cabinet has suffered from an impact, damaging its case or internal parts, we can perform a quick repair and make it look new. No matter if your computer is a mass manufactured assembly from the company or a custom-built personal computer, we can fix it for you. Same goes for the peripheral devices connected to your computer. Devices like printers, keyboards, webcams, etc., our skilled team can take care of any networking or hardware issues you are facing while using these.
The best thing about TFA service is that all repairs are done in-house, this means faster repair and reliable service and third-party risks. Also, since we deal in genuine parts only, you can be assured of getting high-quality original parts for your computer at a great price and exceptional service experience.

Motherboard Repair And Replacement

The motherboard is the most crucial part of the entire computer assembly. Containing all the necessary elements integrated for the computer to work correctly, the motherboard is among the delicate ones as well. Prone to some failure threats like overheating, short-circuiting, part failure, etc. it requires special skills and cares to look after it.
If your PC has malfunctioned or some component of the board has failed, you can bring it to us. Our experienced technicians at By TFA Infotech has exceptional computer hardware skills that enable them to diagnose any faults and make necessary repairs and fix them in no time.
Not only the mass-produced assembly computers, but we can offer exceptional repairing services for custom built computers and turn them back to the perfect operating condition as you need it to be.
TFA Infotech recover data from any instance of data loss – be it accidental deletion, virus attack, RAID failure or any system crash due to software/hardware malfunction.
Choose TFA Infotech data recovery services, and you’ll benefit from our comprehensive data recovery techniques that achieve outstanding results in the shortest possible time.
TFA Infotech possesses a vast range of data recovery, protection, and backup and safe data eraser software to offer you the best data disaster solution. Our data recovery services and software support all major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Macintosh and Novell.
TFA Infotech has a firm adherence to the transparency of its recovery process and honestly follows its policy of “No Recovery – No Charge.” Safety, Reliability, Cost-effectiveness, and Fast Recovery being the base pillars of its quality data recovery process, TFA Infotech provides the best that the whole data recovery industry can offer.

SMPS Repair by TFA Infotech

The SMPS (Switched-mode power supply), in simple terms the power box of the computer is an essential component of the CPU module that must be in sound condition for the computer to operate in an optimum and safe state. A sophisticated electronic circuit that converts the switching power supply to a stable and efficient procurement ensures operating power for the processor board within safe limits.
It is always advised to choose a high-quality SMPS module from a trusted brand and as per the specifications of the computer. If you have been facing issues with your computer SMPS, let our engineers find a fix for you. Also, since we deal with high-quality and reliable parts from leading manufacturers, we can replace your faulty one with a new one and keep your computer safe.

RAM And Hard Drive Repairs

The RAM and Hard drive of a computer significantly affect the performance and usability of a computer. With advancing technology, and improving system configurations and requirements for various software in the market, it is common among users to upgrade their RAM and hard drives for better performance and storage. Also, it isn’t uncommon for these components to get corrupted and undergo mechanical failures.
If your computer has run into technical issues, failing to start, become too slow work on, or you are just looking to upgrade your system configuration, TFA Infotech is the right destination to get professional assistance and expert consultation for your computer. Our engineers can help you find the right product based on your requirements, computer configuration and budget. We also deal in genuine parts from trusted manufacturers and offer repair services at competitive prices.

Computer Cleaning Services

For cooling and safety purposes, computer modules usually have vents cut out in the casing. However, the same allows dirt and contaminants to accumulate on the internal parts and thus puts it at risk of short-circuiting and heating. The dust prevents heat discharge and also hampers the performance of the computer. TFA Infotech computer cleaning services offer a great way to keep your computer in a proper operating condition and give you optimum performance.

Apart from these, TFA Infotech can take care of your computer peripheral repairs, software related issues, virus clean-up, assemble a custom computer configuration and more, all at an affordable and competitive price and deliver an exceptional repair service.
So, if your computer has run into any technical problems, stay worry-free Dial TFA Infotech and get the solution in no time.